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((all that is on here was taken from the wiki))

Xena was born to Cyrene and Orestes (of whom has caused much controversy and speculation), in Amphipolis, Greece. She was the second of three children; her older brother Toris and younger brother Lyceus completing the family. When Xena was seven-years-old, her father returned home from the Temple of Ares drunk. He said that he needed to sacrifice Xena to Ares, but in a panic to prevent him from getting to her, she took an axe and killed him.Xena and Lyceus were very close whilst growing up; They enjoyed fishing and would constantly attempt to catch Solaris, the biggest fish in the lake. Xena and her older brother Toris however, did not always meet eye-to-eye; they got on for the sake of Lyceus.

Cortese’s Raid
Xena began teaching herself how to fight and eventually taught Lyceus how, too. When Xena was in her late teens, the warlord Cortese attacked and raided Amphipolis. Xena gathered an army, made up of simple farmers from her village, including her brother Lyceus. Toris and few other villagers ran for the hills to escape the battle. After Cortese attacked once, the villagers fended them off, but Xena knew that he would be back and so she used the surrounding villages as a buffer. When he returned, a fierce battle was waged. In the heat of it, Lyceus was killed and Xena was blamed for this. Cyrene blamed Xena heavily for what happened and she forced Xena to leave Amphipolis.

First Crucifixion, Caesar and M’Lila
After her banishment from Amphipolis, Xena travelled towards Italia by sea. She raided villages as she went, warning them not to ally with the enemies of Amphipolis, otherwise they will suffer the consequences of her army. During her raid of a village, she captures a Roman, Julius Caesar. She asks one of her men to send a ransom to the nearest Roman settlement of 100,000 dinars for his safe return. The next morning, Xena finds a stow-away on her ship; a young Gaelic girl named M’Lila, who is a master in the art of pressure points. She displays an impressive fighting style whilst taking on Xena’s men, which
puts Xena in awe of the woman.

When she kills one of Xena’s men using pressure points (cut off the flow of blood to his brain), Xena notices and demands she teach it to her. Julius Caesar, who is still on board the ship, translates her Gaelic dialect; she will teach Xena the pressure points if she spares her life. After M’Lila is taken down below, Caesar and Xena talk about destiny, when Xena invites him into her cabin that evening for dinner. Later that day,
M'Lila teaches Xena how to use pressure points. Later that evening, Caesar joins a provocatively dressed Xena in her cabin, where Xena talks about her reasons for looting villages; to protect Amphipolis. She then asks Caesar if she can join him in his quest to become ruler of the world, before the two embrace. The next day, Xena is paid her ransom money and Caesar departs. She asks if she will ever see him again, to which he replies saying that a day will not pass where he won’t think of her.

Later that day, Xena comes into contact with Caesar’s ship, where she decides to join him. M’Lila warns her not to, but she does not heed her warning. Just as she meets him and makes contact with him, he quickly grabs her and holds her at knife-point, while his men seize Xena’s ship and secure it. Caesar then puts Xena and the rest of her men on the cross and breaks her legs. During the night, M’Lila sneaks into the camp and rescues Xena from the cross. She drags her body to a healer, Niklio, who sets Xena’s legs back into place and applies acupuncture to them. She thanks M’Lila for saving her, before being ambushed by a group of roman soldiers. During the battle, M’Lila takes an arrow for Xena dies almost instantly. This angers Xena beyond belief, as the one person who had show Xena compassion had died so suddenly. Xena claims that from that moment on, she knew that she had changed for the worse and set herself a new purpose in life: death.

Meeting Borias

Sometime after leaving Niklio, Xena travelled to Hungary, where she met a man
named Borias, who was the leader of a ruthless army. He was also married and had a child with his wife Natassa. However, Xena had managed to worm her way in and he began an affair with him. Borias' young son Belach once discovered the two lovers having sex, and, although sent away quickly by a less-then-caring Xena, he told his mother. When Natassa heard from her son what was going on, she gave Borias the choice between Xena and herself; but he chose Xena and rode away with her, leaving Belach only a medallion to remember him by.
They then formed an army and decided to ally themselves with different countries, in order to build relations and eventually conquer parts of the world. They continued their love affair far into the depths of eastern Asia - namely "the Land of the Rising Sun," Chin.


They chose to first of all build a relationship with both the kingdoms of Lao and Ming, located in the far eastern land of Chin.

Meeting Akemi

Borias learns that a Chinese warlord has kidnapped a young girl, whose home is on a large island even further east than Chin. Her return will ensure a large sum of money, large enough to fund their desire to conquer the world. She and Borias travel back to Chin, where they find the young girl and learn that her name is Akemi. Before Kao, the kidnapper, can tell Akemi who Xena is, she explains who she is herself, saying that she had heard of how she fears nothing, as opposed to Kao. During their conversation Akemi begins to show signs of an oracular nature, predicting what each person would do. Akemi tells Kao that she believes Xena wouldn’t let him kill her, as she knows that Xena will soon lover her, whilst Borias tells her that she has spirit and guts, an aspect he seemingly admires. Kao begins to feel insulted by Akemi, and attempts to punish her, before Xena gives Kao fifty pieces of gold in exchange for her. Before Kao refuses, Borias warns him that Xena is not the sort of person he would want to turn down and advises him to hand Akemi over. He feels angered and attacks them. Xena reacts and puts the pinch on him, whilst they deal with his guards. Akemi watches Xena fight and witnesses Kao die a slow and painful death, which puts her in a state of utter amazement for the warrior princess. Xena and Borias take Akemi, leaving Kao to die.

They head to Jappa to return Akemi to her family. On the way, Xena tells Borias that she wishes to conquer every piece of land from Jappa to Britannia. She continues to tell him that with Akemi’s father as an ally, they could get work their way to conquering it. She knows that Akemi is faithful to her, and so she is sure that she will lead her to him. When Xena refers to herself as Akemi’s teacher, Borias laughs and implies that she doesn’t have the ability to teach. Xena calls Akemi over to prove him otherwise. She tries to teach her a defensive move, but fails. Xena and Akemi then travel then travel the rest of the way on their own. They reach mainland Jappa, where Xena and Akemi travel through a snowy forest. The two talk about nature, which doesn’t seem to interest Xena. Akemi reads Xena a proverb from an old script of writing, which implies a feeling of love and hope for Xena in the future. Xena, not being completely sentimental, dismisses this writing and quickly moves on. Xena learns that they have travelled for days in the wrong direction to see Akemi’s deceased grandfather. Akemi explains that it is for a good cause; she must ask for his blessing and on his opinion on Xena. She further explains that she can hear sounds that Xena can’t, such as the deceased talking to her; much like Xena can hear things that Akemi can’t, such as background noises.

Akemi continues to tell Xena that there is a weapon that she may be interested in owning, considering her skills with the sword – a special crafted katana. Xena likes the sound of having it for herself, and so she asks Akemi to get her one. Akemi takes her to where it kept, protected by several highly skilled samurais that Xena must fight. During the battle she is given one of her only known scars, located on the top of her right breast, when she is pushed into a spiked wall. She wins the fight hands down and gains possession of the katana. Later that night, Akemi asks Xena if she will teach her the pinch – the move she used to kill Kao. Xena is unsure about teaching someone with no other training that move, as it can be very deadly. She does, however, agree to teach it to her. After many more days walk, they reach her father’s kingdom. Upon first sight, she puts the pinch on him and kills him. Xena’s immediate reaction is to ask where her money is, to which Akemi asks her to kill her with the katana. She continues to tell her to take her ashes and place
them in her family shrine in Higuchi. Xena, very confused, disagrees at first, but Akemi mortally wounds herself, to which Xena uses the katana to behead her, possibly in anger over the loss of her money. The people of Higuchi learn of Xena worshipping the ashes of a girl who killed her father and band against her as she travels through the town with cropped hair, seemingly drunk as she is carrying a wineskin and staggering. She is attacked by one of the men, which results in her losing her footing and dropping Akemi’s ashes. She defends herself against a man with a lit torch and she gains possession of it. She performs for the first time her fire-breathing technique, where she takes a mouthful of alcohol and spits on the fire. This results in two men setting alight and running into a wooden house. Xena then carelessly drops the torch and walks away. Unbeknownst to Xena, the wind picks the fire up and it destroys the village, resulting in the deaths of 40,000 people. She doesn’t find this out until 30 years later.

Alti’s Manipulation

After leaving Jappa, Xena fell pregnant with her first child, Solan, by Borias. Xena and Borias travelled north to Siberia. They decided that they wanted to defeat the Centaurs, which would get them out of the way while they conquered Greece. They realised this would be hard, and decided to try and ally with the Amazons to help them. An ex-Amazon turned Shamaness, named Alti, caught wind of what they were attempting to do and confronted them, offering them her help in defeating the Amazons, being one herself previously. She claimed that she was kicked out of her tribe as she was too powerful for them. She then told Xena that she was with child, something she already knew – but Borias did not. Xena claimed that she was “getting around” to telling him. Xena immediately noticed her power (although was clearly not aware of her true potential), and she invited her into the camp. Borias tried to warn her that she would be trouble, but Xena’s lust for power made her not care, much like it did in Chin. Xena seemed to grow close to Alti’s apprentice (and also ex-Amazon), Anokin, who later died during a raid on a village.

Alti told Xena that she could see Anokin again if she wished. Alti took Xena to the Amazon Land of the Dead, where she was greeted by a deceased Anokin. She told Xena that she didn’t like her – it was her that poisoned Anokin’s soul which ultimately led to her death. Alti told Xena that it is possible to take vengeance on the dead.
Once she returned to the living, Borias tried to tell Xena that it is unhealthy what she is doing to herself and more importantly their unborn child. Alti makes a prediction stating that neither him nor Xena will name the child. Borias tells Alti that he has had enough of her and calls her a hag. Xena warns Borias of her powers and he continues to tell Xena that she has changed since she has known Alti. Alti promises Xena great power and her infamous title of the Destroyer of Nations, if she helps Alti harness the power she needs.

Alti predicts that a young child Borias rescued from a village will one day take Xena’s power from her, and so she tells Xena to kill her. Hesitant at first, Xena warns Alti that Borias will be mad when he learns that they’ve killed his precious orphan girl. Alti persuades her otherwise, reminding her that she hasn’t been wrong with her predictions so far. Once again, Xena’s lust for power gets the better of her, and she advances onto the child, dagger in-hand. Borias catches Xena before she can strike.

Alti and Xena begin to compose a plan to gain the trust of the Amazons,
namely their leader, Cyane. Xena sneaks into the Amazon camp and finds the Queen’s hut, where Cyane is receiving a massage. Xena spies on the Amazon Queen from the secrecy of the roof of the hut, when the roof suddenly gives way and almost falls on Cyane. Cyane’s high ability of reflexes help her realise that the roof is about to fall and moves out of the way in time. A naked Cyane uses her skill and quick hands to remove Xena’s clothing and applying it to herself. Xena hastily wraps a cloth around herself and escapes from the hut. Despite still being partially crippled from Ceasar crucifying her, she moves quickly through the forest, evading the highly-skilled Queen. While Xena hobbles through the forest, Cyane glides through the trees like a primate. She eventually catches Xena and attempts to kill her, before being stopped by Borias. When he tells her that Xena is with him, she questions his motives; she was convinced that he was there to a form an alliance. She tells him that her instincts are telling her not to trust him and Xena, but he convinces her that he would never betray her trust. Once she lets Xena go, Borias tells her that it was stupid to try and assassinate Cyane, as it almost destroyed the shots at defeating the Amazons successfully. Xena reveals that she wants to gain her trust, as she wants to learn some of her moves and skills. Xena stays with Cyane for a while. The two form a friendship, but not anything strong. She tells Xena that she should leave Borias, as he is trying to change. She warns her that if she stays with him, she will end up killing him. Cyane offers Xena into the
Amazon tribe, but she denies acceptance, claiming that it is not the sort of life for her. Cyane then confirms that she and the Amazons had in fact, by that time, allied with Xena and Borias. Not long after that, Borias gave his orphan girl, Otere, to the Amazons to raise. When Alti learnt that Xena had been offered into the Amazons, she was defiant towards Xena not joining, trying to convince her that she is more matched with her than with the Amazons. She tried to convince Xena to side with her as opposed to the Amazons by explaining that she can give her great spiritual power to lead a fearsome army, strong enough to defeat Julius Caesar and even take Rome and Greece. She told her that she must first destroy the Amazons, but before Xena has a chance to decide, Cyane interrupts and takes part in a spititual duel with Alti. Cyane wins and cripples Alti, as she explains to Xena (who is in awe of her) that if she were to join the Amazons, she would find life, yet acting with Alti would lead to death. The thought of power and was seemingly irresistable to Xena, as she sides with Alti and kills the entire Amazon tribe - including Cyane - once again causing Borias another lost chance at making an ally. As Alti collects Cyane's blood for her rituals, Xena is told by her that her day will come, and she will become the "Destroyer of Nations."

Between the time of Xena meeting Alti and the birth of Solan, Alti cursed him before he was born, stating that he would never know the love of either of his parents.

Death of Borias, Birth of Solan and the Battle of Corinth

Xena and Borias then travelled back to Greece in search of the Ixion Stone, an object of great power that Alti needed to possess to complete her rituals. The Ixion Stone was owned by the Centaurs, of whom vowed to protect the Stone form Xena, Borias and their army. Two legions of Centaurs, led by Kaleipus and Tildus, waged war against Xena and Borias, which resulted in the Battle of Corinth. Xena was heavily pregnant and due to give birth at any second, but still managed to take command of her army. Once Tildus’ Centaurs and been forced to retreat and regroup, Xena captured Kaleipus and a number of his Centaurs. She ordered Dagnine, her second-in-command, to kill them but Borias was not happy and
intervened. He helped the Centaurs escape and began to work with them against Xena. Meanwhile, Xena goes into labour and is unable to take control of her men, and so her servant Satrina helps her to give birth.

Moments previous to being at Xena’s side, she had intercepted Borias from seeing Xena and stopped him from witnessing the birth of his son. She stabbed him in the leg, putting him at a great disadvantage when he fought Dagnine. He battled hard to get past Dagnine, but his wound slowed him down and Dagnine wrenched his own sword into his back. In his dying seconds, he catches a brief glimpse of his son. After witnessing Borias’ death, Xena made the hard decision to give Solan to Kaleipus and the Centaurs to raise, convinced he would be safer and kept away from the blood and violence.

Odin and the Valkyrie

After the tragic events at Corinth, Xena travelled north to the Norselands. During her journey here, she met with Ares, God of War. He gave her the Chakram, a weapon with the unique ability of being thrown and then returning to her, which had sharp edges and was able to cut through most things.

She came across Odin, where he had hung himself from a tree to prevent himself from taking part in the struggle of life. He tells her that it is his duty to bring peace to the World, but cannot stand sitting in Valhalla watching endless suffering occur. Xena then tells himself to embrace the struggle of life, instead of trying to escape it. She made him share her lust for life, which led to him making her a Valkyrie and returning to Valhalla. She created an antagonistic relationship with Grinhilda, the leader of the Valkyrie and Odin’s lover. Xena’s “fight to the death” attitude was not pleasing to the graceful Grinhilda. Xena’s and Grinhilda’s disagreements lead to feud between them, which led to Odin losing his love for her and Grinhilda almost leaving the Valkyrie. Odin then began to grow close
to Xena, which led to him appointing her the head of the Valkyrie and his most favoured, casting Grinhilda aside and reducing her rank.

Xena wanted more, and so she acted as if she were in love with him and so he told her about the Rheingold; a mystical nugget of gold, which can be used to grant power to those who have forsaken their love. He told her that it was in the Rhein River and was guarded by the Rhien Maidens. With this information, she set off to find it. When Grinhilda learnt of Xena heading to the Rhien River, she confronted Odin about it. He lied to her at first, saying that he had no idea how she were to know, but once Grinhilda worked out what Xena had done to squeeze the information from him, she asked Odin to give her back command of the Valkyrie so that she can stop Xena – as she did not have forsaken love. The Valkyries attempted to stop Xena, although she avoided and defeated them, except Grinhilda. Grinhilda dismounted Xena from her flying horse (the only way to gain access and leave Valhalla), which led to the two of them plummeting to the Earth below, their
fall softened by the trees. Xena knocks out Grinhilda and enters the Rhein River to confront the Rhein Maidens. She convinces them that she wants to be Rhien Maiden and so their leader shows her the Rheingold. Xena steals it from them and leaves.

From the Rheingold, Xena forged the Ring, an item which harnessed the power of the Rhiengold. The Runes stated that it could cause disastrous results to the wearer if they haven’t forsaken love. It would destroy what the wearer valued the most, but not before giving them a surge of God-like power. Grinhilda took a chance, and stole the Ring from Xena to use against her. She placed it on her finger, willing to take a risk in order to defeat Xena. The two engaged in battle. Grinhilda gained the upper hand and was moments away from killing Xena, before the Ring’s other power kicked in and robbed Grinhilda of her beauty and humanity, turning her into the hideous Grindl. Xena sliced off Grindl’s finger and stole the Ring and used it herself. Grindl knew that she was no match for Xena whilst she was wearing the Ring, and so she fled. Xena tracked her down and managed to trap her using Grinhilda’s own necklace and a Raven lock that she stole from Odin. Xena was then expelled from the Valkyrie.

Attack on Cirra

She then travelled back to Greece, where she formed another army and wreaked havoc. Her most destructive attack was that of her assault on Cirra, which was the only instance in which she responsible for the deaths of women and children. Amongst her victims were Arleia and Pankos, the parents of a young girl named Callisto, who was mentally scarred by the events here, which would lead to her twisted nature and hatred for Xena.

In an alternate timeline, Callisto (as an adult God) is sent back in time to the attack of her village and tried to save her family, only she accidentally killed them herself with her powers. However, events that followed caused Callisto's travelling in time to never happen.

Meeting Hercules and Iolaus

Upon her return to Greece, Xena becomes obsessed with conquering Arcadia. She knows it will not be possible as long as Hercules is in the area and she also knows that she would be unable to take on the Demi-god one on one and win. Instead, she concocts a plot wherein she tricks Iolaus into falling in love with her. Once Iolaus is thus bewitched she begins to poison him against Hercules. Her trickery is so strong that she manages to drive a wedge between the heroes, eventually even causing them to fight one another. Finally, Iolaus realizes what is happening and re-joins Hercules to fight Xena and her army
Xena and her army escape and continue to plunder the nearby villages but there is descension among the ranks. Xena's lieutenant, Darphus, begins to openly question her orders and disobey her. When Xena is scouting ahead of her army, Darphus orders the men to attack a village and kill all the men, women and children. A single baby survives and Xena saves him, giving him into the care of Salmoneus, whom she met after an attack on another village. Xena is furious that her men killed women and children. When she tries to discipline Darphus, he and men loyal to him, decide she is no longer fit to lead the army and they force her to walk a Gauntlet. No one has ever survived this before but Xena manages to get through, bloodied but not beaten. She leaves her army and goes off to heal.

A short while later, Hercules encounters Darphus and the army headed to attack Parthus. Along the way, Hercules encounters Xena who is also tracking the army. The two fight in a titanic battle and Hercules defeats Xena. However, he spares her life and tells her that "killing isn't the only way of proving you're a warrior." Xena declines when Hercules asks her to join him in fighting her army. He lets her leave and continues to Parthus where he helps prepare the villagers for an attack. When the attack comes, Xena appears and fights alongside Hercules against Darphus and her former warriors. Xena kills Darphus in combat and the remains of the army scatter. Parthus is saved and Xena asks Hercules if she can travel with him to discover what is next for her.

Xena travels for a time with Hercules and Salmoneus. Salmoneus tries to convince the duo to let him write their celebrity biographies. The trio eventually meet up with Iolaus who is understandably displeased to see Xena. They learn that Darphus has been restored to life by Ares and been given the mission of feeding Graegus the bodies of innocents.

Meanwhile, Xena and Hercules begin to develop feelings for one another. Iolaus notices this and warns Hercules to watch his back. In time, Hercules convinces Iolaus that Xena has changed and is now definitely on the side of good. Xena apologizes to Iolaus for hurting him and he forgives her.
The heroes track down Darphus. Together, they fight off the remnants of Xena's army and manage to turn Graegus on Darphus. The beast is able to kill Darphus for good and the darkest chapter of Xena's life is ended. Hercules confesses that he loves Xena and never thought he would feel that way again for anyone but Deianeira. He asks to continue helping her find redemption but she tells him he already has: "You've unchained my heart." Xena rides off to begin to atone for her many crimes.

Meeting Gabrielle and Reconcile with Cyrene
Once being reverted by Hercules, Xena decided to give up fighting. She buried her belongings and was about to walk away, when she saw Hector, a lieutenant of Draco’s (one of her old flames) kidnapping a group of young girls from the village of Potedia. She intervened and released the girls from him. Her fighting skills caught the eye of one of the girls; Gabrielle. She was a simple farmer, whom had been put into an arranged marriage that she did not want to be a part of.
She relentlessly asked Xena to allow her to travel with her and teach her how to fight. In awe with every aspect of Xena, she wasn’t satisfied when Xena said no to her offer of accompanying her on the road, and so she decided to follow her to Amphipolis, crossing paths with a Cyclops on her way. Xena confronts Draco about his planned ransack of Potedia, and asks him to spare the village. She continues to tell him that she going home, to see her mother, which he tries to talk her out of, telling her that she will not be welcome. He then decides that he is going to ransack Amphipolis instead. Xena confronts her mother and tries to make it up with her, only to be rejected on first sight. She tries to warn her of the upcoming attack, but she and the rest of the villagers do not listen to her, and instead decide to stone her. Gabrielle, who had followed Xena there, intervenes and saves Xena from being pelted with stones, which finally convinces Xena to take Gabrielle with her. They go to visit Xena’s brother Lyceus first, who died during Cortese’s raid. Gabrielle tells Xena that she is not alone, and their friendship begins from there. Xena then returns to Amphipolis to face Draco. The two fight on scaffolding with staves; he first person to touch the ground loses. With some sneaky intervention by Gabrielle, Xena wins and Draco touches the ground first, where she makes him swear on the head of Ares never to return to Amphipolis again. After seeing that she had in fact changed for the good, Cyrene and Xena reconciled.

Second Death and Resurrection
Xena decides to return to the ruins of Cirra, the hometown of Callisto, and one of Xena’s most regrettable crimes. It was here that she accidentally caused the death of Callisto’s mother and father, along with countless other innocent people – one of the few times she was responsible for the deaths of women and children. She hopes that it will help her realise what she must do to redeem her past. As she enters the village, she is immediately haunted by visions of the attack, and isn’t able to stay there too long. When she returns to where she left Gabrielle, she realises that she is missing and only her staff can be found on the ground. She heads into the nearby woods, where she finds a strange tribe commencing a ceremony, which involves Gabrielle and a group of other captives. She frees them and Gabrielle leads them to safety. When they are yet again ambushed, Gabrielle leads the captives away, when a small girl stays behind to watch Xena fight them. The girl puts herself in danger when she runs out in front of a large swinging tree stump that was intended to hit her. Xena saves the girl but is hit herself by the stump. She suffers near-fatal injuries, which will claim her life if she doesn’t receive help from a past friend and grand healer – Niklio. Xena informs Gabrielle (who had been stabbed in the leg by Xena’s attacker) to take her to the top of Mount Nestus, where he lives. She hesitates at first, complaining that it is very far away, but agrees to do so when she realises that it is her only option. During her journey there, Gabrielle realises that Xena is becoming worse and closer to death. She arrives at Niklio’s house, where he tells Gabrielle that he will see to her wound first, as he can do something for her, whilst Xena can wait. Xena’s pulse begins to drop and Niklio eventually pronounces her dead. Whilst crossing over, Xena is confronted by M’Lila’s ghost, who gives Xena the chance to be resurrected.

From the other side, Xena manages to channel her spirit into the one person she sees fit for the job - Autolycus. She needs him to steal her body back from the Amazons, as they are going to cremate her body. She then needs him to steal Ambrosia, to feed to her corpse, which will revive her. Autolycus, now accompanied by Xena's spirit for guidance and full use of her skills, manages to break into the Amazon village, and even find Xena's coffin, only to be caught by Gabrielle. He tries to explain to her what is going on, but his unbelievable (but true) story doesn't manage to convinve her, and he is thrown into the dungeon. It does not take him long to break out of the prison, but he is still too late, as the cremation has already began. But Xena takes over and manages to stop the funeral and take her coffin away from the village. Gabrielle realises that Autolycus story that he told her before bein thrown into prison is in fat true, as he showcases many of Xena's trademark skills, incuding her warcry, whistling to hail Argo and successfully throwing and catching the chakram. She leaves the Amazons and follows Autolycus, where he explains what's going on. They later find the cave to the Hall of Ambrosia, where they find a dangerous ascent to a rock in the ceiling, which has an engraving that resembles the Dagger of Helios, something that Autolycus stole just before he was inhabited by Xena's spirit. Before they are able to attempt the climb, they are intercepted by Velasca, the current vicious Queen of the Amazons, who is reluctant to give the throne to Gabrielle, who is the rightful heir. She takes them back to the village, throws them in the dungeon and steals the Dagger of Helios from Autolycus whilst torturing him, in the process breaking his arm. She throws Autolycus in the dungeon with Gabrielle and all of the amazons who are still loyal to her, including Ephiny and Solari. He manages to break them out and they follow Velasca to the Hall of Ambrosia, where Xena's spirit channels into Gabrielle, so that she is able to follow Velasca instead of Autolycus, due to his broken arm. The two fight their away to the top, but Velasca gets there first, using the dagger to present the Ambrosia, where it falls down and is caught by Velasca. However, she drops it and it falls down to the fire-burning pit, being destroyed in the process. It is not long followed by Velasca herself, and she is presumed dead. Gabrielle returns to Xena and reveals that she managed to catch some of the Ambrosia as it fell past her, which she gives to Xena and revives her. Xena is forever grateful to Autolycus, and tells him that she is forever in his debt.

Britannia, Dahak and the Birth of Hope
Upon hearing of Julius Caesar's attempt at invading Britannia, Xena travelled there to assist old friend-turned-foe, Boadicea. Along the way, Gabrielle befriended a young man, Krafstar, and became quite close to him. He told her of his religious beliefs; that his one God was to cleanse the land of darkness and spread peace throughout it. She was immediately taken by the thought of such a religion, and chose to accompany him to the one of their religious ceremonies, whilst Xena was otherwise distracted with stopping Caesar with Boadicea. However, Gabrielle soon realized that Krafstar had bent the truth about his religion; in fact it was the exact opposite of his explanation and had only intended to bring Gabrielle to the meeting to lose her blood innocence by killing a member of the religious order, now revealed to be more like a cult. This made her a target for Dahak - Krafstar's 'one God.' Gabrielle was then raped by Dahak and was impregnated with his child. Xena eventually came to her rescue and saved her from Dahak and Krafstar (who had morphed into a vicious demon-like creature known as the Deliverer). Xena then managed to defeat Caesar with Boadicea and prevent him from taking Britannia.

Xena and Gabrielle, unaware of Gabrielle's pregnancy, tried to get back to Greece and out of Britannia as quickly as possible, and so Xena organizes a ship to take them back to Greece the next morning. However, whilst travelling through the aptly named Forest of the Banshees, they are ambushed by it's namesake inhabitants - the Banshees themselves. While they seem hellbent on killing Xena, they try to protect Gabrielle and later inform her of her pregnancy. The baby grew fast, and Xena took her to shelter in a nearby castle, where she gave birth hours later to a little girl, Hope. However, the warriors that reside on the castle, known as the Warriors of the Pierced Heart, were less than welcoming to Gabrielle's new arrival, as rumor had it that the child will bring about nothing but destruction. However, half of the warriors saw that she was only a child and couldn't possible be capable of such things, and they helped Xena to protect Hope from the other warriors and the Banshees. The baby's development is fast and already resembles five months old in a matter of hours. However, it is not long before Hope makes her first kill while still a baby, and Xena begins to doubt her innocence. She confronts Gabrielle and tells her that the child must die, as she too believes the rumors of her future. Gabrielle grabs Hope and runs from Xena, as the Banshees delay her from following. However, after a while Xena manages to catch up to Gabrielle, only to be informed that Hope had turned on her and she threw her over a cliffside, to which Xena informs her that she did the right thing. However, Gabrielle lied to Xena and she had in fact put Hope in a basket in a river, meaning that she is still alive.

Gabrielle's Betrayal in Chin
Soon after, Xena receives word that Ming T'ien has risen to power in Chin and is ruling the land as a callous tyrant. She feels as if she owes it to Lao Ma to bring down her son from his throne, and so she travels to Chin to kill the Green Dragon. On the way to the harbour where she departs, she informs Gabrielle of her time there before, involving Borias, Lao Ma and Ming Tzu. However, even after hearing the entire story of Xena's adventures with Lao Ma in Chin, she still cannot quite fathom as to why Xena feels the need to repay Lao Ma a debt. After Xena leaves to go to Chin, Ares offers his assistance to Gabrielle, and helps her to travel to Chin ahead of Xena, where she forewarns Ming T'ien of Xena's attempt on his life. This causes Xena's shock and arrest upon arriving at his temple. She is deeply hurt by Gabrielle's betrayal and is thrown straight into the jail.

Whilst in there, she learns that Ming T'ien sentenced Lao Ma to her death not long ago. Meanwhile, Gabrielle manages to reason with Ming T'ien, and sways him into allowing Xena to be pardoned if she were to make an aplogy to him and promise that she will never return to the land. However, Xena is less than compliant with Gabrielle and Ming T'ien, and remains silent throughout her meeting with them. Ming T'ien subsequently sentences Xena to death. Gabrielle then visits Xena in the dungeon an they have a heart-to-heart, where Xena unserstands why Gabrielle acted in the way she did, and continues to tell her of her adventures with Lao Ma. When Xena's execution day arrives, she manages to escape using Lao Ma's powers that were taught to her all that time ago. She destroys his temple and, despite Gabrielle's pleading not to, she secretly kills Ming T'ien.

Return of Hope and Callisto
Months later, Xena and Gabrielle discover that a Centaur peace treaty is in order at Kaleipus' village, and so they decide to attend. During there time here, Xena is reunited with her son, Solan, and Gabrielle is reunited with her fellow Amazon sister, Ephiny, who had attended the treaty for her Centaur son Xenan. Gabrielle confides in Ephiny and tells her about the events in Britannia with Dahak and her daughter Hope. Meanwhile, Xena and Kaleipus investigate the destruction of the peace treaty created by the Centaurs. Witnessing the scene, Xena knows straight away who was responsible - Callisto. Xena and Gabrielle discover that a young girl, Fayla, is being manipulated by Callisto, of whom she refers to as the "monster lady." She tells them of Callisto's plans. However, events pan out and Gabrielle discovers that Fayla is in fact Hope - who now looks 12-years-old.

During this time, Hope kills Kaleipus, who was at risk of discovering her and Callisto's plans. Gabrielle decides against telling Xena that the child is Hope, and so Gabrielle tells her daughter to wait in Kaleipus' hut - the same place that Xena had told Solan wait for her. Hope kills Solan under the orders of Callisto, which causes immense grief for Xena. She seeks as much revenge as possible for Callisto, and so she draws her into trap. She tricks her into destroying a cave with herself inside it, once again supposedly trapping the Goddess for eternity. Meanwhile, Gabrielle decides that her daughter has gone too far this time, and poisons her wineskin of water, which presumably kills her. Later at the funerals of Solan and Kaleipus, Gabrielle tries to apologize to Gabrielle, but Xena rejects her, stating that she now blames Gabrielle for the death of her son.

Xena, twisted by the death of her son due to Gabrielle's lies, plans revenge on her. She is edged on by Ares to do something, and so she storms into the Amazon village where she is being protected by her tribe, and kidnaps her. she ties her to the back of Argo and drags her to the edge of a cliff, where she atteptd to throw her over. Gabrielle defends herself, but this results in both of them falling over the cliff.

However, they find themselves in a mystical land known as Illusia, which is fuelled by song and dance. Xena is taken through this land by her guide, Aleph. A baffled Xena questions Aleph's true identity, believing her to be Callisto, of whom she is a true likeness of. She asks where she is and why she is there, to which Aleph seems to give nothing but cryptic answers to. Xena moves from section to section of Illusia, meeting Ares along the way. She finally comes face to face with Gabrielle, of whom she fights with and kills in her anger. However, it is revealed that she only kills an illusion of her, as Gabrielle imerges from behind her. The two are whisked away to another place, where they are then haunted by an illusion of Dahak, who takes them to an illusion of the the temple in Britannia where Gabrielle was impregnated with Hope. They are further haunted by illusions of Callisto, Ares, Krafstar and Caesar, however as soon as they begin to forgive each other, the illusions dissapear and the are welcomed by the silhouette of Solan, where it is revealed that it was him that created the land and had intended to bring the pair back together. After one more revelation of Xena's lie to Gabrielle about killing Ming T'ien is revealed, Xena is allowed to have a final goodbye with her son and they are able to leave the land and return to Greece.
The Cult of Dahak
Xena and Gabrielle follow a lead given to them from Gabrielle’s childhood friend’s mother, concerning her daughter, Seraphin, being involved in rituals and cults. They find a group of men, dressed in robes, who seem to be about to sacrifice someone to a welcome the return of a goddess. Upon learning that the sacrifice is in fact Seraphin, Xena and Gabrielle quickly interrupt the ceremony. Xena gives chase to the men who took Seraphin away, where she is greeted by Callisto, who has killed a member of the cult (the Priest of the Flesh).

She teleports away before Xena can confront, which makes her presume that the cult was worshiping Callisto. Xena works out there is something else to it, as she doesn’t believe that Callisto is interested in worshipers or temples. While Gabrielle scouts ahead, Xena tries to find Seraphin and the cult, where she bumps into Ares. He asks her if Callisto was wearing the Hind’s Blood Pendant, which contains the blood of a Hind and has ability to kill gods. She answers no, and continues to tell him that she heard the story; Callisto used the Hind’s Blood Dagger to kill Strife, before Hercules forced her through the gate into the other world. Ares then tells her that it is good that she didn’t have it, as she would have used against the other Gods if she could. Once Xena finds the cult, she swaps places with Seraphin as the sacrifice and hides her identity with a mask. Once she is attempted to be killed, she stops and a fight ensues.
Callisto shows up and fights with Xena, until Ares appears and fights Callisto himself. He tells her that he is going to send her back through the gate, but not until they settle a few things. Callisto quickly escapes, but takes the Priest of the Blood with her. After talking with a rescued Seraphin, Gabrielle and Xena learn that she has been brainwashed by the cult and tricked into thinking that the goddess will bring about good things to the world. But the plot thickens when Seraphin is baffled by the name Callisto, informing them that she is being sacrificed for the rebirth of the Goddess, leading Xena to work out that it isn’t about Callisto – it’s about Hope.
Seraphin believes that Hope is a saviour for the world, which angers Xena, who informs that Hope killed her son. Gabrielle takes her away to explain to her about Hope. Ares appears to Xena, who agrees with killing Hope – but on his terms only. He asks Xena if she will take charge of his army to combat against Dahak, which doesn’t even consider, before turning him down. He upsets her by saying that she is taking Hope’s return too personally, before disappearing. Gabrielle asks if Xena is ok, to which she tells that Ares is right – she is taking it too personally and it is clouding her mind and focus. She tells Gabrielle that Hope still hasn’t made an appearance, possibly because she can’t, leading to the conclusion that she may be vulnerable. She asks Gabrielle to see what Seraphin knows about the rebirth. Meanwhile, Gabrielle tells Seraphin that Hope I her daughter, after finding out that Hope is hiding at the Sister Peaks. Xena works out that Callisto is protecting Hope, and so she has to neutralize Callisto, before going after Hope. When she hears from some local villagers about a man stealing food from the marketplace, the description fits that of Werfner, confirming that Hope is in fact hiding at the Sister Peaks. Xena warns Gabrielle not to turn her back on Seraphin, before heading off to the Sister Peaks. Once Xena arrives, she is greeted by Callisto, who fights Xena in an effort to protect Hope. Xena takes the fight outside, where she tricks Callisto into causing a rockslide and trapping herself. With Callisto out of the way, Xena finds Hope encased in a large cocoon, and before she can kill her, Ares takes Hope away. Working out that the only safe place he can take her is the Halls of War. During their journey, Xena, Gabrielle and Seraphin are attacked by innocent but brainwashed citizens, but manage to escape hastily. The next morning, Xena and Gabrielle pretend to argue about Hope, which convinces Seraphin that Gabrielle is beginning to see how her daughter is good. Gabrielle then releases her and tells her to find Hope. After Seraphin leaves, Xena tells Gabrielle that she almost convinced her about Hope, but she assures her that she now sees that Hope is evil and must die. As Xena enters the Haus of War, Ares takes Gabrielle to the Temple of the Fates where she is informed of Ares’ deal with them; if Xena is to kill Hope, then they will cut her life thread and kill her. He tells her he has the power to do this, as he is calling in her debt to him for getting her to Chin before Xena. He continues to tell her that Xena’s life rests in her hands.

Gabrielle’s and Hope’s presumed demise

Meanwhile, in the Halls of War, Xena fights with the cult of Dahak and prevents Seraphin from committing suicide. Werfner then wounds Seraphin and draws her blood, which she places onto the cocoon and releases Hope. Moments before she hatches, Xena attempts to kill her while she’s defenceless, but Gabrielle stops her. Hope uses her powers to protect herself from Xena, while Callisto also protects her by fighting off Xena. Xena once again temporarily traps her. Xena then uses her Chakram to defend herself against the daggers that Hope telekinetically throws at her. After they escape, Gabrielle tells Xena of the Fates deal with Ares and the reason why she stopped her from killing Hope. Xena continues to tell her that she would gladly die to rid the world of Hope. Meanwhile, Callisto agrees to change Hope’s image into the spitting image of her mother, in order to attract less attention and be able to trick Xena into telling her where the Hind’s Blood Dagger is. Callisto becomes annoyed when she realises that Ares has been included in Hope’s plan, and the thought of the two of them having sex made her sick, so she decides to join forces with Xena and Gabrielle, if Xena will kill her once Dahak is defeated. Xena agrees, realising that Callisto could be helpful. During their journey, Callisto tells Xena that she is taking the whole thing way too personally, and Gabrielle agrees, saying that it is beginning to make her lose focus. They come across a village that is being attacked by Dahak’s men. During the fight, when she realises that Callisto is distracted, Xena finds Gabrielle to tell her where the Hind’s Blood Dagger is. Unbeknownst to her, Hope had secretly snuck into the village during the fight. She spots Hope, mistaking her for Gabrielle, but soon realises who she really is. When Hope defends herself and knocks Xena back, Ares shows up and takes Hope out of harm’s way. Xena informs Callisto, Gabrielle and Joxer (who had been lead to the village by Hope, thinking she was Gabrielle) that she must want the dagger to kill the Olympian Gods. Later on, Xena and Joxer put on a performance in front of Callisto and Gabrielle, where Xena pretends to tell Joxer to get lost and not to follow them, when in fact she tells him the location of the Hind’s Blood Dagger and asks him to retrieve it, before purposely getting caught by their men to get into their lair and then give Xena the dagger when the time comes. Later that night, Ares appears and tells Xena that he has impregnated Hope with six children that will help Dahak to take over the world. Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto arrive at the lair of Dahak’s Cult. They fight their way through the men, where they reach the main hall, where Hope and Ares are. Mid-way through the fight, Xena throws her Chakram at the steel ball above the fire pit, which falls onto the pit and takes Dahak out of play. Joxer then throws the Hind’s Blood Dagger to Xena, where she confronts Ares. Callisto knocks Ares back and Xena fights with Hope’s telekinesis in order to kill her. Ares reminds Gabrielle of the stakes, and so she steps in saves Hope from Xena, but loses her footing and falls into the Lava Pit with Hope. They are then both presumed to have been killed. Callisto giggles childishly at the sight of Gabrielle plummeting to her death, which angers Xena and she drives the Hind’s Blood Dagger straight into her, killing her.
Return to SiberiaEdit
A grief-stricken Xena intends to say a final goodbye to Gabrielle, and see her for one last time. She travels to the remains of a finished battle, in hopes of running into Hades. She is in luck, as he delivers the final judgement on the final resting place for those fallen. She asks if he has seen Gabrielle pass through the Underworld, but he says no. He asks if she was member of any cults or factions that may have had a sway in where she was to go in the afterlife. She suddenly remembers that she was an Amazon, which makes her realise that she has no choice but to return to the Amazon Land of the Dead, and so she travels to Siberia to commence with the ceremony that will allow her to cross-over into the the Land of the Dead and eventually into eternity to meet with Gabrielle one last time.
Xena seemingly passes out, when in actual fact she had crossed over successfully. She is met there by the young amazon girl that she gave a funeral to, during her ritual. Xena explains that she isn't dead, but knows what she is doing as she had done it before with Anokin. She then spots a familiar face - Cyane I, Queen of the Amazons, of whom she had killed before under Alti's orders. She questions why she is still here, as she should have crossed over into eternity by now. Cyane explains that due to Alti's power, she has prevented them from crossing over, and so they are stuck in the Land of the Dead as long as Alti continues to live. Xena's guilt for what she has done to Cyane and her tribe leaves her no choice; Gabrielle must wait whilst she stops Alti.

When Xena awakes from her trip to the Land of the Dead, only to discover that a small Amazon tribe has taken her body to safety. The tribe is led by two young women; one named Yakut and the other she has met before - Otere, the young orphan girl that Borias took in, many years back when she was first here with Alti and Borias. Xena noticed that the amazons have captured one of the attacking men that ambushed her when performing her ritual. She tells him to go to Alti and tell her that she is coming for her. However, Xena is quickly informed by Otere that Ali will now send her favoured warrior after them kown as the Berserker, who has been gifted with special powers by Alti. And soon after, Xena meets the Berserker in battle, who manages to make Xena relive past memories to inflict pain (much like Alti), most notably to break Xena's legs. However, it seems that the Berserker's powers are not as strong as Alti's, as Xena later makes a quick recovery. She does eventually manage to defeat the Berserker and look onwards to taking on Alti. Xena tells the Amazons of different techniques that the Amazons used to use many years ago, as well as having a long talk with Otere about how her father died defending her village from Xena's army. She tells Xena that she does not hate her, but feels a sense of gratitude towards for teaching her to stay alive.

Xena eventually deicdes to tak her spirit and that of the other Amazons over into the Spiritual Realm by putting herself and the others under the pinch. Through Xena's teaching methods, the Amazons merge their spirits with Xena's and strengthen her to take on Alti, as she comes forth to commence into battle her. During the fight, Xena is shown visions of her future by Alti. Alti hopes that she will be able to advance into Xena's timeline far enough to find her death and use that to kill her now. Alti achieves this and Xena is shown a vision that depicts both her and Gabrielle being crucified by the Romans. Alti inadvertantly gives Xena the power to defeat her, by accidentally telling her that if Gabrielle is dying with her in the future, this means that she is still alive. Xena thrusts Alti into a spiked branch (as she did many years ago with Cyane and the Amazons), killing her and subsequently allowing Cyane and her tribe to cross-over. She returns to her body, as do the Amazons, with hope that Gabrielle is still alive.

Marriage to Ares

Once Xena had received confirmation of Gabrielle’s survival, thanks to Alti and her vision, she went to find Joxer, who was drowning his sorrows in a tavern. She tells Joxer that Gabrielle is in fact alive and he accompanies her to find Gabrielle. During their journey, Ares appears to Xena and informs her that he has picked up something on Gabrielle and would be willing to return her to Xena on one condition – they get married. Xena doesn’t ponder and quickly turns him down. To ensure that there is truth behind his words, he promises to marry Xena in front of the Fates, meaning the bond will be unbreakable and Ares wouldn’t be able to betray Xena without harming himself, literally meaning if he promises to give Gabrielle to Xena, he must do so. Joxer is very unhappy about this idea, thinking that there must be an alternative. He tries to tempt Ares away from Xena, but is unsuccessful. Xena thinks about Ares proposal before deciding to go through with the wedding in order to get Gabrielle back, as long as it takes place at the Lava Pit. As the ceremony commences, Xena has a last minute thought and runs to the lava pit. She tells Ares that the wedding is off, and jumps into the pit. Ares teleports into the pit and saves Xena from falling to the bottom. Upon returning to land, Xena tells Ares that she had worked it out. It had bothered her that he didn’t try to save Hope, considering that she was carrying his child. Then she was made suspicious when Ares began acting interested in her search for Gabrielle, which further convinced her that he had something to do with it. She continues to tell him that she decided to play along with his game, until the truth was exposed – the truth being that he saved Gabrielle in the same way that he saved Xena, as he thought that she would be a good enough reason for Xena to marry her. Ares congratulates Xena on her almost accurate findings, but reveals that Gabrielle in fact sold her soul to him, in exchange for Ares to save Hope’s life (which would have in turn saved Xena, due to Ares deal with the Fates). Ares continues to tell Xena that he will release Gabrielle’s soul, if she were to exchange her on soul in return. Xena agrees to the deal and signs the binding (and indestructible) contract, giving Ares possession over Xena and her soul. Ares then tucks the contract into his back pocket and releases Gabrielle, but not in plain sight; Xena must continue to find her, but with one hundred percent certainty that Gabrielle is alive. A curious Ares then asks what would have happened if he were to ask Xena to marry him with no strings attached, which results in Xena kissing him and secretly taking the contract from his back pocket. She tells Ares that he will never know and he disappears. Having secretly stolen the contract, Xena and Joxer conceal it inside another scroll and take it to the bottom of the Ionian Sea, where it will be difficult for Ares to find.



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